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cityguide gps navigator app
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CityGuide GPS Navigator is a comprehensive live traffic GPS navigation system with a large number of points such as Bank ATMs, Filling Stations, Hotels and every other important places. With this tool you never get lost even in an unknown area and also you will find the fastest and easiest route to reach your destination even tourism. CityGuide GPS Navigator updated daily with new traffic plans, paths and maps. It can cover your whole country.

CityGuide GPS Navigator  app download free

CityGuide GPS Navigator Latest Version Download Free

Download CityGuide GPS Navigator latest version for iOS 9 to latest iOS 15, iOS 16 versions running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices from 3uTools appstore. 3uTools latest version download and get tons of latest iPhone apps and games free.

3utools download free

This is not just navigation system, but also provides many innovative features to enhance your travel experience and live traffic quality updates.3D Map feature is one of them. When you use CityGuide GPS, you become a part of the local driving community with helping to avoid traffic jams, save time, help each other and ultimately improve everyone’s daily traffic.

Wi-Fi connection as well as mobile data connection can manage the work very efficiently. Free to download this fully functional version right now through the 3uTools App Store. But iOS users can also download this from the official Apple Store as well.

3uTools CityGuide GPS App information for Apple users

CityGuide GPS app is a free software application, can download from 3uTools or official app store.The app belongs to navigation category and as the latest version 11.1.170 is appears in the present. Several languages are available here including English and file size is about 61.07 MB.3uTools version of CityGuide requires iOS 7.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices.

This program can also be installed on Android via official Google Play Store. If you have some idea about downloading from third-party app store, then it is available for download via our website .Get the latest 3uTools version just clicking on that direct link. Via that app store you can have CityGuide GPS App for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices.

3uTools iOS store was releasing their apps after checking and confirming that it is safe to use. However for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus.

CityGuide GPS App Features on Apple Users

CityGuide is one of the best new generation offline GPS navigator which enables you to select and use maps from various map vendors. This application does not require a permanent internet connection. This software tool is consist of high quality paid maps collections.

CityGuide App is regularly updates with traffic information. Maps have various prices according to their conditions of use and update frequency. Each map has a short description to get some knowledge and a star rating with trial period. Choose a map and downloaded its data into your device, then see the beauty of working app without connecting into the internet.

Significantly reducing your cost of data. All works in here are very fast and quickly. Route calculation by using traffic information and Map manipulation are among them. When calculating a route, the app uses patented algorithm and If traffic data is not available, statistical data is used instead. If you connect your device with proper internet connection, daily maps updates available.

Without updating with new Map version, it can provides new road conditions daily with route calculating. Such as, Closed Roads, No Traffic, One Way Road, Turn Restrictions many more. The app has facility to warn users about various current events along the route.

It will do both voice and visually. POI option perform its best in here. Such as, Traffic Jams, Bad Roads, Police, Accident..etc. With the permissions of your friends, the app allows you to track the movements of your friends.

You can also chat with them by sending messages, leave comments and planning future works together. In addition this CityGuide GPS app provides Walkie-Talkie service, SOS service and many emergency services when ask assistance.

How to use this app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices

How to use CityGuide GPS Navigator App – After downloading the CityGuide GPS app, click on the icon. Select your interface language from the list and continue. Select a Voice Package in the next step. Trial registration just 15 days. Sync your data with the CityGuide Server. Remember to save the Login and Password provided when you initially launch the app.

You’ll need these to restore prior synchronization if you lose or damage your device. If no map is found, upload maps online. CityGuide Maps and OSM Maps are the map vendors. CityGuide Map icon is recommended for daily use in your country and OSM for global travel.

Select a region from Russia, Europe, Asia, America, or Australia. Now you have your country map. Click on the blue “install” button to get a 7-day free license. The map’s rating, release date, status, and file size are also shown.

Then click the install button, and the progress of the installation will be shown. As soon as you give CityGuide permission to utilize your location, it will display it on a map with instructions, local search results, and even The map can be zoomed in or out with the + and – icons.

My CityGuide and Synchronization are also available in the menu. It’s possible to alter your avatar and add pals. Everything you need from Navigation Tool is here. All-in-one iOS software utility Download the software for free from 3uTools Store and test it out.


Everyone recalls Google Map when we think of navigation apps. It is without a doubt the most popular and has many features. Without a doubt, Google has dominated navigation. But nowadays, if you want a unique experience, you have several possibilities.

CityGuide GPS Navigator is a great smartphone navigation app. It’s not pricey and comes with a free trial and offline topographical maps. It’s ideal for areas without data services. The app is ad-free and has 3D views.

GPS Navigator CityGuide is a free software program that can be downloaded for Android. …but only from Google Playstore Apple users can use 3uTools or the official Apple Store. Connect your iDevice to your PC via USB after installing 3uTools on your PC.

Using the 3uTools Search bar, choose CityGuide GPS Navigation and click install. The App appears on your device’s screen in seconds. As a CityGuide GPS App user, your primary responsibility should be to obey traffic laws. Use safe city guides. This app shouldn’t disrupt it.