How to view iPhone’s information using 3uTools?

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How to view your iPhone information? Are you familiar with your iPhone? Do you know the basic details about your iDevice? Such as the charge times of your iPhone. How much storage do you have on your iPhone? Users are usually checking iPhone’s information, “Settings” – “General” – “Above”.

That is the normal way to check iPhone information. There is a beautiful way to check your iPhone’s information using 3uTools download. Not only the iPhone’s information. Also, you can check any of your iDevice’s information using 3Utools.

Do you know? How to view your iPhone information? I am ready to teach this new method step by step. It is easy and simple. Please carefully read and follow my easy guidelines.

How to Mange iPhone Device Using 3uTools?

Step 01: Download and install the latest version 3uToools on your PC or Laptop. Click here to get direct download link.

3uTools Download PC Latest Version Free

download 3uTools

Step 02: Then connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable. After it is connected, you can see the basic information of your iPhone, Such as your iPhone’s product type, IMEI, Serial number, Model number, UDID, Warranty date, Sales region, and Etc. you can see the below picture.

How to view your iphone's information

Step 03: Click “Refresh iDevice info” to update your iPhone’s information.

How to view your iphone informatin using 3uTools

Step 04: Then click “View iDevice Details” to see more detailed information. Here you can see your iDevice’s name, device type, Chip ID and Etc.

how to view iDevice's information

Step 05: If you want to copy your iDevice’s information, just click the “Open in Notepad”. After it is opened, you can choose and copy your wanted information and save it in a notepad.

how to view iDevice's information using 3uTools

Dear friends, how is your experience using 3uTools? Especially, what do you think about this article? How to check your iDevice’s information using 3uTools? Are you satisfying with 3uTools? If you are used another way to check your iDevice’s information, please share your ideas below the comment box.

Finally, if you have to face any difficulties using 3uTools, don’t hesitate to ask me by comment. Thank you for reading this article. For more updates and support please visit 3uTools download.

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How to manage videos using 3uTools?

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How to manage videos using 3uTools? Dear iOS users, there are lots of limitations on the iOS system. I think you all know about these situations very well.

Therefore, you can not directly manage videos on your iPhone. iOS users are worried about these situations ago. No need to worry about this matter further. There is a method to manage iPhone videos smartly using an App.

That is called 3uTools. This is an application running on windows as well as Mac. Easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Now I am going to teach you how to manage iPhone videos using 3uTools. You can import and export your iPhone videos with a PC. Also, you can delete your videos.

3Utools Download Free for Windows PC

download 3uTools

It is easy and simple. Let us see how to manage iPhone videos using 3uTools step by step.

How to import videos PC to iPhone using 3uTools?

Step 01: First of all you have download and install latest version 3uTools on your PC.

Step 02: Connect your iPhone using USB cable.


Step 03: Click “Videos” as shown in the picture, then 3uTools will give you a reminder that “ ‘MoliPlay’ Not Installed”. See the picture. At this moment, you need to select and install one video player. Please click “Install” to download and install it. Then, you have to wait until this process is completed.

How to manage videos using 3uTools

Step 04: See the bellow picture; you can see Ace Player on our iPhone.

3utools video import

Step 05: As shown on below pic; click “import” to import videos from PC to iPhone. Here you can choose, “select file” or a “select folder”.

how to import videos using 3uTools

Step 06: Once you finished the selection of videos click the “open”

Step 07: Then 3uTools will import videos from PC to your iPhone. It will take few times to process is finished.

how to import videos using 3uTools

Step 08: After videos are successfully imported, 3uTools will show you a reminder that “2 files import succeeded”

how to import videos using 3u Tools

How to export videos from iPhone to PC?

It is easy and simple. See the bellow picture. Please select the videos you want to export from your iPhone to PC, and then click the “Export”.

how to export videos using 3uTools

How to delete videos using 3uTools?

You can delete videos easily on your iPhone. In addition, you can delete videos using 3uTools. Please select the videos you want to delete and then click “Delete”.

how to delete videos using 3uTools

This is the all about manage videos using 3uTools. Now you can easily manage your videos using PC with 3uTools. If there are any problem regarding this article please comment bellow. For more update or support please stay with us. Thank you for visit.